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We are mindfulness practitioners. Come join us on a journey that will help you to choose happiness.

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  • Life Coaching 
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  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Successful Communications 
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  • Pain Control
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  • Learning to Live a Life Filled with Joy 

We Practise what we share.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Julie Turley and Steve Insley. We both live in Devon. Julie comes from Torquay and Steve from Ilfracombe, to the North of the county. We practise mindful meditation.   

Our goal is to bring out the best in those we have a relationship with. We feel no matter where we are in life, or what we are engaged with, often the biggest struggle is in understanding ourselves, and to be able to predict our own responses. To be mindful is to bring out the best in ourselves so we might bring the best out in other people. Mindful people are better able to predict and control their responses when things go wrong. 

Being mindful helps to manage emotions and gives an inner ability to cope better with life. 

At CreativeMindMatters we help through purposely crafted exercises to develop this space and how to find the right mindful response needed to any situation we face in life, so a positive outlook can be maintained irrespective of the set back.

We show through mindful practice how to understand and read emotions, importantly of those we interact with. We try and cultivate the habit of the mindful pause. How to take the time to ask key questions about a situation and the context of the situation,  so we can analyse errors and plan the next step. In this way we help construct a mindset that helps us flex our thinking skills and emotional intelligence. 

Here's how it works

Mindfulness is a practice that individuals and groups can do on a day-to-day basis. It can enable people to change the way they think and what they feel about their experiences, especially stressful experiences. Mindfulness can be used as a tool to manage well being and mental health. With good mental health, you can:

Make the most of your potential.

Cope with life.

Play a full part in your family, workplace, community and be confident among friends. We improve our ability to manage difficult situations and make wise decisions. At CreativeMindMatters we offer individual sessions to explore how we can put this into practice.

Steve put this into practice when he had a crisis in his health with pain control. He began exploring how mindfulness actually changes the way the mind perceives pain, so that it’s more bearable. It is a natural and effective way to ease physical pain and drug free. We must be clear, we are not advocating not taking medication, we are saying that chronic pain in some instances responds to mindful practice in a positive way and it’s possible under medical advice to look at other means of pain relief that are not drug based. This is a conversation to be had with your Doctor. 

What we do is show you how the idea of being mindful of pain is an action that seems counter-intuitive but works. Most people want to forget about their pain, they want to escape it, run away from it, wishing they could ignore it, or get rid of it somehow. The problem is ironically that by fighting and struggling against it, and even by trying to ignore it, you create within yourself a state of ‘resistance to what is’ and that means stress. Mindful practice helps us to come to terms with pain and live in a less stressful way.

With our NLP (neurolinguistic programming techniques) we can help you reframe how you see your problems and stress issues.

Julie is a past Master of reframing, with her “glass half full" mindset, and using our Positive Mental Awareness program, she shows you just how you can know what you feel and understand what you need. Come talk things through with her and see how you can develop your tools of change.

We can help you learn to stop struggling and accept things as they are, and remember to stop and breathe, and then take conscious action rather than acting out of anger or frustration.

Learn how to step back and just breathe and think about what is going to be said or happen before saying anything. 

Come explore the stress-busting and mood-lifting effects found in mindfulness.

We offer positive mental attitude sessions.

Relationship sessions, exploring how to enhance relationships by communicating effectively. Along with life style mentoring all incorporating Mindfulness as the starting point of a whole new journey in life.

We do this with individuals. And with group sessions.

We are also offering corporate sessions, helping your staff to be less frazzled. Stress in the work place is never easy and managing a stressed workforce is costly in terms of sickness. By training your workforce to practise this will in the long term cut your sickness costs. Remember, the 2015/2016 HSE survey showed 11.7 million production days were lost due to stress related illness. Employers have a duty of care towards their workforce, who have a right to work without being injured or becoming ill. Stress is very much an injury, one that cannot be seen, due to pressure at work. Companies that use mindful techniques find they have a more engaged workforce. They see production improve, they have an enhanced company profile and reputation. Some forward thinking companies see it as a duty of care to have a more resilient workforce who are better equipped to face the stress of a busy working environment. 

Please find our Telephone numbers and email address at the bottom of the page to join us.

Recently we have been running a Mindful group in Marldon Village Hall. From the second week of January we will be offering similar sessions at the Darnley Hotel, Ilfracombe, on a Tuesday evening; this will be alternative Tuesdays at 19:00 hrs. Please feel free to join us at the Darnley Hotel. After our mindful sessions, should you wish, the Darnley will offer tea, coffee and cakes and biscuits at a reasonable price. 

In March we are planning a mindful weekend, showing you how to use mindfulness in your everyday life. This can be taken as an individual day session or a weekend. Prices on application. The Darnley will offer hospitality in the break periods, with a full restaurant service at lunch time; this is an additional service provided by the Darnley. 

They can offer rooms should you want to make this a weekend break.

Please see the next page for the full  weekend program.

CreativeMindMatters - no limitations weekend

    No Limitations weekend at :

The Darnley Hotel 

3 Belmont Road, 


Devon EX34 8DR 

March 17 & 18 2018 






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